Merchant Rates Added

Merchant tables now available for sale here. One table and one merchant are $50. Second merchant, $30. Tables are extremely limited, so if you want a second table ($25), contact me.

Merchant tables will be arranged around the back and back edges of the conference room, so you’ll be able to hear and participate in the conference. (And customers won’t need to leave your table to finish a sale!)

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Mushroom Recipes For The Hungry Hobbit

I found a tasty collection of recipes over at Lord of the Rings Scrapbook. Their copyright notice at the bottom of the page says these are not to be re-transmitted. So instead of publishing their Mushroom recipes, I’ll just send you over there. Link open in a new window.

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Snail Mail address updated

Yes, we now have one.

Conference On Middle earth 2015
1971 Western Ave  #120
Albany, NY   12203    United States

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We love our audiences

Someone asked if a paper must be presented to come to the Conference.

You do not need to present a paper to be part of the audience. We love our audience!

jan finder started these conferences back in 1969 and 1971  (and again in 2011)because he wanted to learn what other people knew. And he enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others.

So come to our Conference. We would love to have you with us whether you are speaking or listening to others.

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Door prizes? Giveaways?

Robert Davis of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt meandered by our fantable at Arisia, and offered us some books for give aways.  They’re sitting here, next to my computer, anxiously awaiting new homes. I’ll be announcing how you can get one…I’d say “soon” but my “soon” is not the “soon” of other people. But sooner than “Real Soon Now”. (Real Soon Now is fan-speak for “don’t hold your breath”.)

Many of them will be door prizes at the Conference, so get your membership NOW!

The prices posted on these books will compensate part or all of your membership, especially if you register now!

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